Our Weekly Service

  • Vacuum weekly with commercial-grade vacuum as required
  • Brush walls and tiles
  • Skim surface to remove debris
  • Maintain all chemicals at optimum levels for health and cleanliness
  • Remove collected debris from skimmer and pump baskets
  • Monthly filter clean
  • Monitor all equipment to ensure proper function

Property Management & Vacation Rentals

At Remington Pools, we understand that vacation home pools are used year round. Whether it be the hot Florida sun or the pool heater running 12 hours a day combined with the high level of usage, the Florida vacation pool requires a skilled technician to maintain a safe, clean and beautiful environment for guests to relax on their days away from the Parks.

Our technicians are trained to maintain appropriate chemical levels all year round, to keep filters clean and working correctly and to look out for any potential issues with the pool equipment or deck area.

Whether it be removing deflated pool toys, alerting owners to broken screen panels or maybe just noticing that something isn’t quite right, we put ourselves in the guests shoes (or flip flops!) and endeavor to let our owners know of potential issues before the guests do.

A Florida vacation can be a big expense, and it should always be memorable for the right reasons!

Tailored Service

We understand that a standard service package may not suit every customers’ needs so we are always happy to discuss a fully tailored service that meets both your individual needs and budget.

If you are happy to brush and skim the pool yourself, ask about our chemical only service.

Some pools can stand to be serviced every two weeks and while this option is slightly cheaper than a weekly service, please bear in mind that we will still use the same amount of chemicals and spend the same amount of time at your pool as a weekly service.

Not every pool may need vacuuming each week or you may have your own in-pool vacuum; this will also affect the price or service. And don’t forget, our invoices are calculated per calendar month so the price is the same regardless of the number of weeks in the month.

Pool Rescue Services

Nobody likes a green pool. At Remington Pools, we specialize in getting a pool back from green to blue without draining the water. This is a much more environmentally friendly way to rescue a pool and means we don’t need to waste gallons of water getting your pool back to blue again.

Each rescue is priced individually and before we start the rescue service, we will always check that the issue hasn’t been caused by an equipment problem as is often the case. We will always advise you before we start if we think there are issues that will negatively affect the outcome.

Sparkling Pool Service

We are happy to tailor a weekly service package to fit your individual budget and needs. Please don’t hesitate to ask!

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